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One Hour In-Depth Tarot Reading



Four Card Reading, 1,500 Word Email


This is the most popular and common item on the menu. This item includes a 10-card spread which covers one's Past, Present, Upcoming Future, What is Blocking One/Challenging Them, How Others View You, and One's Hopes and Fears. This includes a photo of the entire 10 card spread for one's records. It is totally fine for one to record the reading, or take notes, or both.


This reading is a pared down option. You can send a brief 3-sentence email about a specific question you're seeking insight into, or simply request an area of focus for your reading:  Romance, Work, Money, Creative Career, Health, or other issues. Miss McCoy will then draw four cards in response to the issue, regarding the Past, Present, What is Blocking/Challenging You, and the Near-Future. Miss McCoy will compose an original, tailored-to-your-issue message that will be at minimum 1,500 words along with an image of your four Tarot cards drawn, delivered to your email.

Miss McCoy's SASS-trological Natal Chart





An astrological natal chart reading gives a detailed interpretation  of your temperament and character, based on the astrological  positions of the planets. Major and minor aspects are also calculated. This will showcase some of your natural talents, abilities, your inclination and attitude towards relationships, your emotional self, and some of your weaknesses or things that you may struggle with. Miss McCoy will break it down to you in a fun, entertaining way, explaining what the planets and their positions and relationship to one another mean in your chart. All of this will be written and delivered to you via email with that classic Miss McCoy sass. The text involved in this reading will be at minimum 3,000 words. REQUIRED: Miss McCoy will need the day/month/year/hour/and location of birth for the individual.

Miss McCoy's Real Talk Couple's Chart





SPECIAL OCCASION Event Tarot Reading Services

$100 per hour

While an astrological natal chart pulls up the influences of the planets and their relationship to one another and its implications upon an individual, a composite chart is what happens when one analyzes two people's charts in relation to each other. This is commonly known as a compatibility chart which of course is excellent for couples who are romantically involved, butALSO for someone who is interested in seeing what kind of relationship one would have with a business partner. This chart will involve that classic Miss McCoy style of keepin it real, full of sass, and delivering the truthiness and insight you've come to expect. The Miss McCoy's Real Talk Couple's Chart will include a text of 4,000 words at minimum, which will be delivered to you through email. This chart requires the DAY/MONTH/YEAR/HOUR, and LOCATION of BIRTH--- for BOTH people.


Miss McCoy also provides her intuitive services at WEDDINGS, HALLOWEEN PARTIES, NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTIES, WORK/OFFICE PARTIES, BACHELORETTE PARTIES, and many special events in between!  To reach everyone at  your party or event, Miss McCoy will provide a 3 card reading briefly summarizing for each reading the person's Present situation, what is Challenging them, and what the Near Future is. She typically spends 10-15 minutes with each person. Miss McCoy is a fun, and charismatic personality that is no newb to Good Times! Tarot will not only provide a cool and unique experience to your party, but will give your guests something to think and talk about for days to come!